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Booking Requests for the ‘2018-19 Season’ are NOW CLOSED.
Potential new Site-holders are still encouraged to submit an application, as cancellations are not uncommon. Stay tuned…

  • EXISTING Stirling Laneways Site-holders (including ‘Tin Lids’) are invited to advise of their Booking Requests for each Laneways Season via the ‘Booking Request survey’. (Note: This is open from late-May to June each year. It is currently CLOSED.)
  • NEW Stirling Laneways Applicants need to read, complete and email this Application Form:
  • NEW ‘Tin Lids Lane’ Applicants need to read, complete and email this Application Form:

Booking Requests will re-open in late-May 2019 (for the 2019-20 Season!).

Where Booking Requests exceed site availability, a Waiting Lists will be utilised in the lead-up to associated Laneways events.

Submission of a Booking Request, or past attendance at Laneways, does not guarantee availability of your requested date(s).

‘Tin Lids Lane’: an initiative for entrepreneurial kids


In April of 2015, to celebrate Laneways’ 1st birthday, we launched an initiative just for kids – Tin Lids Lane! It’s been going strong ever since.
Tin Lids Lane is a special laneway for entrepreneurial kids, providing the opportunity for aspiring kids to sell their own creations in a vibrant market atmosphere, and experience the real-world challenges involved in organising their own enterprise.


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