Steamroller Park

Stirling Adelaide Hills steamrollerStirling children grow up spending hours and hours of their childhood in Steamroller Park, and for good reason.  The combination of varied play equipment, excellent public facilities and proximity to the main street make Steamroller Park a winner.

It’s an ideal place to take the kids if you’re out shopping or exploring in Stirling because there’s enough equipment and grassy hills to occupy the small ones while you socialise or relax on the benches. You see family gatherings and events in the Bandstand or at the bbq and benches of this park all the time.

The centrepiece of the play equipment is of course the steamroller, and there’s an interesting story as to how Stirling came to acquire the steamroller.  Originally order by the Mt Barker Council, it was being driven from Adelaide to Mt Barker when the driver stopped at the Eagle on the Hill for refreshment.  In doing so, he forgot that the engine also needed lubrication, and so between Stirling and Aldgate the engine seized.  Mt Barker Council subsequently offered the steamroller to Stirling Council for a discount, and the offer was accepted.  The steamroller came into service in 1927 and since its retirement it has continued to serve the community as play equipment in the park.  Kids are particularly fond of climbing up on the steamroller and playing driver.

Steamroller park LResAll of the play equipment in Steamroller Park is within a fenced area and its design provides variety and challenges for children.  Parking is adjacent, plus there’s a drinking fountain, seating, clean public toilets and a free bbq within the park.  To make things even easier, when you’re looking for sustenance you’ll find coffee, ice cream, gingerbread people, finger buns and so much more just a quick stroll away.

Steamroller Park is located at 2 Mt Barker Rd, right next to the first roundabout in Stirling. To download the Stirling Village Map click here.

Why not spend a morning or the afternoon at Steamroller Park with your family?