Useful information

Stirling Adelaide HillsStirling, with a population of around 2500, has by far the largest commercial strip of neighbouring towns, with the greatest number and widest variety of shops, the only police station, the only banks and the only ATMs, library and Council chambers.

Here’s a quick guide to Stirling’s amenities.

Petrol – Woolworths Caltex at 66 Mt Barker Rd, Stirling

Wifi – free wifi is available at the Stirling Hotel, Coventry Library, the Organic Market and Café, Ruby’s Organic Café (see map)

Public toilets – located at Steamroller Park, Woolworths Mall and within the Coventry Library (see map)

SBA12078ATMs – all major banks have branches (Commonwealth Bank, ANZ Bank, Bank SA, Westpac Bank and NAB) plus a Bendigo Bank ATM and a rediATM (see map)

Parking – on-street parking is available, along with substantial parking behind the main street shops (see map)

Transport – city bus stops are located outside the Stirling Hotel and Steamroller Park.  Take the 863, 864, 865, 866, 867 or 868 to and from the city.  Tickets available from Oak Tree Plaza Newsagency or on the bus.

You can download the Stirling Village map here.