In Stirling, the seasons aren’t just marked on a calendar, they’re noted with every sense. Sights, smells, tastes, sounds and feelings combine to connect you unmistakably to the cycles of nature.


Stirling Adelaide HillsIn summer, Stirling is a cool escape. Adelaide’s early settlers built their summer homes here to escape the blazing heat of the plains, and Stirling is still the coolest place to be, with average summer temperatures 5°C less than the city below. Enjoy its still mornings and lazy afternoons, the bustle of the village shops, a lazy cold beer or fine local wine at the local, or the simple pleasure of cool lawn in the shade of an oak tree.

In autumn the trees put on a spectacular show. Stirling is home to a huge array of deciduous trees, imported from North America and Europe since the earliest days of the colony. Maple, Ash, Oak and Elm thrive in the cool, damp climate and each year create a riot of colour. Feel the first welcome chill in the air and the crunch of leaves underfoot as you stroll past magnificent gardens. Browse for the perfect gift – books, art, designer wares – you’re bound to find something special.

Winter brings the simple pleasure of an open fire and comfort food with friends. It might be cold out (average winter maximum temperature is a brisk 11°C), but you’ll appreciate the warmth of country hospitality at an eclectic array of cafes, bakeries, providores and restaurants. Eat like the locals, with the locals.


SBA10544In spring the sun warms your back as you walk down the street with a spring in your step. The new season’s growth brings an explosion of colour and life. Linger in the lanes or meet in the street – you’ll never do the same walk twice.




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