Its exceptional charm and unhurried lifestyle mark Stirling as the quintessential Adelaide Hills village. No trip to the Hills is complete without visiting Stirling. A 10-minute drive up the South-Eastern Freeway is all it takes to escape the clutches of suburbia and discover a different world.

Stately historic homes look out over a bustling, modern village with the largest and most diverse commercial strip in the district. The shopping is varied and interesting, from fashion, design and art to fresh local produce, delicious dining, vintage vinyl records, and books old and new. The stunning Coventry Library sits in one of Stirling’s many verdant parks, a perfect spot to relax and reflect. You’ll never want for quality coffee, with quirky, individual cafes seemingly around every corner, and fine food is easily found in venues large and small.

The seasons are unmistakable here, a constant connection to the ebb and flow of the real world. You can feel the changes each time you visit. Shop, dine, relax, walk, socialise, explore – there are so many ways for you to enjoy Stirling.

Snug in the folds of Mount Lofty, Stirling feels so removed from the city it’s hard to believe it’s so easy and quick to make the escape. People come by car, bus or bike – it doesn’t matter how you get here, as long as you do.